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Sundsvall – Djurgården

Djurgarden -1 (Asian Handicap) @  2.05

It is top of the league against the bottom of the league and odds on Djurgarden -1 are 2.05. This is Asian handicap so if Djurgarden only wins by one goal it will be a push.

Statistically is Djurgården a far better side than Sundsvall. Djurgården has 50 points in 23 matches and Sundsvall has only 13 points. The last 15 matches Sundsvall has only gotten 5 points and I cannot see how Sundsvall will manage to get any points here against the best team in the league.

How can the odds be generously 1.57 for Djurgården to win? This is probably because Djurgården played away and the last three head to head matches between these sides have tied. However, we don’t see this outcome for tomorrow’s match since Djurgården has been far better for several months now. In addition, the teams are different now with a few new players and Djurgarden definitely has better quality on their squad.

The reason why we are choosing Djurgården -1 Asian handicap is that we picture that Djurgarden at some point in the match will lead and when Sundsvall then have to move forward Djurgarden will punish them with counter-attacks. In my opinion, it looks like we’re having an edge here and I expect Djurgården to win with 2-3 goals.

We expect odds to drop so get on it if you like this bet as much as we do! Good luck.


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