A Giant Killer?

Tonight will feature a matchup between the San Francisco Giants and the Arizona Diamondbacks. In a game featuring Zack Greinke for Arizona and Drew Pomeranz for the Giants. This is an interesting matchup in the sense that there appear to be some key advantages for Arizona as you will read below:

Batter vs. Pitcher History:

Grienke vs Pomeranz

Taking a look at this chart, it is important to note a few key differences between each pitcher vs. the other team’s batting averages. First Zack Greinke has had a large sample size of success against the Giants hitters (215 at-bats) while Pomeranz in smaller sample size has been just average against Diamondbacks (58 at-bats). A statistic that is helpful to use is wOBA which is often a more accurate way to measure how good a pitcher actually has been. Looking at some “rules of thumb”, the Giants have only had a .263 wOBA and only Brandon Belt has batted above .250 off of him. Pomeranz on the other side has a much smaller sample size against Arizona hitters. However, it’s worth noting that in two starts against Arizona this year, giving up seven runs and ten hits in 7 1/3 innings pitched so far.


Pitching Splits:

As mentioned, we do not have a lot of history with Pomeranz other than the two bad starts this year, but what is very intriguing about Arizona is that they destroy left-handed pitchers. I see Arizona being able to take advantage of a left-handed pitcher in Pomeranz here Take a look at the difference when facing left-handed pitching (Left-handed pitchers are on the top)


On the other side, we will talk about Zack Greinke again. Along with his great history versus the Giants, he also is in a good situation. Tonight the Giants will have a lineup full of left-handed batters. Taking a look at this chart, Greinke has been much better against left-handed batters, better numbers in almost every statistic:

Grinke splits.PNG

Arizona ML @ (1.66/-150)

I see this as a good spot for Arizona comparing pitchers, history, and numbers. Tonight’s game will be played in San Francisco and runs may be hard to come by. With this in mind, my money is on the team with the advantages and will trust Greinke for another great performance against the Giants again.

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